Audio Services – Video And Music

Audio Samples

These audio samples were recorded “off the floor” in our studio.


Audio For Video

Audio for video can include a range of requirements such as voice overs, dubbing, background music, audio editing, noise reduction, audio level correction to industry standards and much more.

Audio Mixing For Video

Our audio mixing services for video provides our clients with assurance their audio is being processed and mixed at above industry standards in order to maintain the fidelity prior to exporting. We use professional high quality audio hardware combined with professional audio software to produce a final result our clients can be proud of.

Audio Mastering For Video

Audio mastering for video involves the same process as for audio for music. However, the main difference is the level and dynamics of audio within a video. The industry standards are different and we understand the specifications required to produce the audio quality and impact in audio our clients are looking for.

Audio Mixing For Music

Audio mixing is the process of combining multiple segments of audio to produce a single stereo file. Our mixing services can create the instrument definition and clarity while creating space in you music to produce the quality expected in music while conforming to industry standards prior to mastering.

Audio Mastering For Music

Mastering is the shimmer, depth, clarity and stereo imaging that is required to elevate music to professional standards. It’s the final step prior to duplication or digital release and a recording post production phase which required critical listening in a treated space with accurate monitoring.

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