Video Production Services

Video content is being watched now more than any other time in history. If video content and video marketing is the future; we are there.

With the wide range of uses for video and its direct messaging, the impact of a video far exceeds other marketing types. Some of video content types include video blogs (vlogs), video interviews, video presentations, video tutorials, video product reviews, video product demonstrations, live video recordings of events , video testimonials and video ads for social media advertising.


Mystic Highway

Fortunate Son

Mystic Highway is a professional CCR / John Fogerty tribute band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Indie Artist Creative was happy to be a part of this project and had a great time with these talented musicians recording audio and shooting video.

Mystic Highway recorded 3 songs and three videos; one for each song. To learn more about this great band, please visit, their website.



Surface Technology

Unique surface treatments for various indoor and outdoor applications like; sealing and protecting concrete, pavers and other hardscapes, surface cleaning & deodorizing, protecting and sealing tiles and floors as well as some unique and amazing new products. Ideal for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.


We Can Help

If you have an upcoming project which requires more than just a simple video, we can help. With our broad range of creative services, we are confident we can help you achieve the impact and attention you’ve envisioned. We look forward to learning about your upcoming project.